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    Accplus uses revolutionary online software to capture your year end information necessary to complete annual accounts and tax returns.  Being online you can use this anywhere at any time and can even save it part way through and complete it when you have the information available. Click here to Log on.

Accountants & Tax Agents Institute of NZ


Accplus Ltd is a member of the Accountants & Taxation Institute of New Zealand (ATAINZ)

ATAINZ is an incorporated society established in 1976. Its objects include: 

  • Fostering tax knowledge in New Zealand;
  • Furthering tax practice in New Zealand;

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About Accplus

Accplus was established in 2002 by Mark Lawton - a professional accountant, with the aim of helping businesses get in control of their accounting and reporting systems. Mark has helped businesses in the manufacturing and service industries create systems to enable them to view their financial health and meet their internal & external reporting obligations. As e-file registered taxation agents we can access information from the IRD on your behalf and help you to stay compliant. We see that the Internet has huge advantages for accountants and their clients  saving time and money and helping them collaborate more effectively.  For this reason we are helping businesses implement online accounting systems and we are utilising the power of the web to help us deliver better service to our clients.

We have a diverse range of clients and have assisted businesses across many different industries.

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