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    Accplus can set your business up with an online accounting system which you can use to monitor your business.  Being online if you need any assistance we can log on and help you with any accounting issues you may have. Xero is an online accounting system that gives you and your advisers easy access to your bank transactions, invoices, reports, GST – anytime you need it, from anywhere in the world. Contact us to discuss implementation and training.
In this edition we conclude our three part series on cash flow and focus on the relationship between growth and the need for cash.

Nearly all businesses we talk to at the moment are hungry for growth.  The recession has seen the turnover and profitability of many businesses go backwards in recent times and people are now starting to look at how they can move things forward again.


Following on from the last edition we continue to focus on cash flow, specifically collection

A large part of keeping cash flow under control is managing your debtors. In these challenging times businesses will generally take as much time as possible to pay their accounts, after all, why pay interest on an overdraft facility when they can use your cash for free?


In this edition we look at the business cash cycle and the areas that typically cause cash flow problems. Also a note about Xero invoice templates and discounts.

Many of you reading this article will know of recent business failures, some of which will have had a direct impact on your own business.  Sadly, many of these failed businesses may well have been profitable and failed simply because they ran out of cash.  The importance of cash to a business can easily be compared to the importance of air to a human – cut off the supply and the end is imminent.


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